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You are about to welcome new talents in your teams and you want them to be aligned from the start on the level of exigency of your property ? 
You want to deepen the skills of your teams regarding the excellence of service ? 
You have identified points of improvement in your teams in order to get better guest satisfaction ?
You are at the right place. 
Trust that I will advise you, after a study, on the best option to address these challenges. 
A custom-made program, innovative training methods and small groups coaching will help you observe significant changes.
To know more about how to improve your guest experience, feel free to contact me here. 

A first informational call will help me determine your needs and expectations, before sending you a program proposal. 

Quality of service

Welcoming an international clientele

  • Avoid cultural mistakes
  • Learn the different verbal and non-verbal communication styles
  • How to anticipate the clientele needs depending on their habits
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Excellence Service

Know how to provide an excellence service in top range hospitality gastronomy and luxury industry.

  • Personalized Service
  • Upsell technics 
  • Conflict Management
  • Case studies
  • ...
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Professional skills

Problem solving and conflict resolution

  • Practice non-violent communication and active listening
  • Control your verbal and non-verbal language
  • Know your strengths and weaknesses with the different types of personalities
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Upsale techniques

  • Understand your guest
  • Create the emotional lever
  • Principles of sales techniques
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Arts de la table

Learn how to set, host and provide an excellent service to a VIP clientele during official events.

  • Table setting
  • Glassware and Chinaware 
  • Different types of Service (French, English, Russian..)
  • How to serve Wine
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Advising a relevant wine and food pairing

  • Steps of Wine and Spirits tasting
  • Wine and Spirits making process
  • Grape Varieties and Regions 
  • Sparkling wines
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Discover and improve your Leadership style

Improve your leadership style by learning and mastering the current management trends and challenges.

  • Different Management styles and trends
  • Theory of Management vs Leadership 
  • Define your own management style
  • Individual coaching session 
  • ...
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Embracing your first managerial role

  • Preparing your arrival
  • Get to know you team
  • How to set processes
  • How to act during the first months
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Cross-cultural Management

Learn how to adapt your management style and service in an international environment

  • Current international challenges
  • How to handle cultural shock
  • Cultural values 
  • Case studies (Japan, Middle East, USA...)
  • ...
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