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We provide trainings and workshops for anyone willing to understand the Luxury industry for professional reasons, to possess all of the codes you need to evolve in a certain social environment or simply because you are moving or interested in France and want to adapt yourself and/or your family faster to the culture. 

These trainings can take place in Paris or in Montpellier. Always willing to adapt to your convenience, if you want your program to take place somewhere else, please contact us.  

Discover all of our classes below 

Arts de la table

Learn how to set, host and provide an excellent service to a VIP clientele during official events.

  • Table setting
  • Glassware and Chinaware 
  • Different types of Service (French, English, Russian..)
  • How to serve Wine
  • ...
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Discover and improve your Leadership style

Improve your leadership style by learning and mastering the current management trends and challenges.

  • Different Management styles and trends
  • Theory of Management vs Leadership 
  • Define your own management style
  • Individual coaching session 
  • ...
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Business Etiquette

Discover and master the codes of behavior in a professional environment

  • Grooming
  • Greetings and presentations
  • Business meetings and diners
  • Verbal and non-verbal communications
  • ...
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Cross-cultural Management

Learn how to adapt your management style and service in an international environment

  • Current international challenges
  • How to handle cultural shock
  • Cultural values 
  • Case studies (Japan, Middle East, USA...)
  • ...
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French Étiquette and Savoir-Vivre

Learn the protocole about hosting and attending official events

  • Invitations
  • How to reply to an invitation
  • Presentation rules
  • Table setting
  • ...
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Excellence Service

Know how to provide an excellence service in top range hospitality gastronomy and luxury industry.

  • Personalized Service
  • Upsell technics 
  • Conflict Management
  • Case studies
  • ...
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Arts of Wine and Spirits

Be more confident when drinking fine wine and spirits in a social environment such as official events, diners, wine tasting, cocktails, etc...

  • Steps of Wine and Spirits tasting
  • Wine and Spirits making process
  • Grape Varieties and Regions 
  • Sparkling wines
  • ...
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French Immersion

Live a one-day exclusive Parisian experience including an individual coaching session on French lifestyle and culture.

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